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If you’re a class of 2021 or 2022 teen and interested in being on the model team for TruYou now is your chance!

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There will be six-eight photo shoot opportunities in 2020 for you to participate in — fill out the form below to get started and to find out all of the details!

Deadline to sign up is February 29th, 2020.

You will have an amazing time!

Please note: Joining the model team requires a small financial commitment (it will be applied to your senior session) and a commitment to use TruYou exclusively as your high school senior photographer.


Thank you for your interest in joining the TruYou Teen Team.

Watch for an email at the end of February with more information.

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John – Class of 2020 – Linn-Mar High School

John was the first senior I photographed in the Linn-Mar gym and we created some awesome images! He was up for anything and that always works well!

I’ve had such good luck with guys this year – so cooperative and really nice guys!

Basketball is a big part of John’s life so let’s start with some of those images:

Linn-Mar Senior John - Class of 2020 - TruYou Photography - 5

Linn-Mar Senior John - Class of 2020 - TruYou Photography - 6

After photographing in the gym and the locker room we headed outside – luckily the weather was perfect!

Who knew there were so many fantastic places right on the Linn-Mar campus for senior images?

Loved his bow tie!

We ended up the session with this gray hoodie. John was fantastic with his serious look!

If you are looking for a senior experience that is unique and fun – check out the TruYou Photography website for more information.

TruYou is currently offering a fantastic special. If you plan to book in 2020 – you donw’t want to miss out on this incredible deal. You can find details here: Black Friday/Cyber Monday Special! This expires TOMORROW!

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A Little Bit of Magic – Marion, IA kids photography

It takes a little bit of imagination to pretend there is a dinosaur (or two) hanging out in the forest with you but these kids pulled it off magically (you’ve probably already figured out the dinosaurs aren’t real, correct?).

First up I’m going to share some of Aaron – he was fantastic at playing pretend! He had SO much fun and was thrilled when he saw the images and he was walking next to a dinosaur in the forest!



This image was his favorite and he now has a poster of it for his room!TRU_6346
This little guy had quite a lot of fun too. He’s only three – but he still knows how to use his imagination. Carter enjoyed his day with the dinosaurs. These are friendly dinosaurs – so he wasn’t in any danger (in case you were worried!). His birthday this year was Dinosaur-themed so he had several posters framed to display!



And how fun are the following images of Josh and his sister Ashlyn. There was a lot of laughter that day and they were impressive with their acting skills!




I’ll be offering these fantasy sessions again in 2020: Dinosaurs, Woodland Fairies, Princesses. Maybe even Mermaids? And also – Dragons? What do you think? Good idea?

Make sure to watch the TruYou Facebook page and Instagram for more information in the spring! These are limited edition (only offered a certain month) and you do NOT want to miss out!

Be sure to check out TruYou on the website, facebook and instagram.

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Jenna – Class of 2020 – Liberty High School

Jenna’s senior session was in June and we had PERFECT weather! First we started at the Cedar Rapids Library. There are a ton of nooks and crannies in the library, with beautiful window light. So it is fun to photograph in there!

And you know – there are also a ton of BOOKS (if you’re into that kind of thing). Check it out soon. It is beautiful!

These are two of my favorite images. Sometimes – black and white just says it best!

Jenna_Starr_009 copyJenna_Starr_011 copy

Here are a few more taken outside the library. Love the red sculpture!

Then we headed down the alley and found some perfect locations!

Because Jenna had opted for the Urban/Country combo session she was able to have an entire new look the next evening for her country portion (notice the cute curls!)

These were taken in Squaw Creek Park – one of my favorite parks to photograph in! You can find so many unique locations.


I mean C’MON – she is gorgeous!

Wow! – more images at Squaw Creek Park. Love this color on her!

Jenna is also on my TruYou Teen Team this year and we have had a lot of fun! I recently talked her into posing for an “Ice Queen” shoot and she killed it! I’ll be entering that image in competition so I won’t be able to share it for a LONG time! But trust me – the wait will be worth it.

If you are interested in joining the TruYou Teen Team next year ask her all about it! And keep a look out for information sometime in January 2020.

Jenna has big plans for her future and I can’t wait to see her succeed! I have no doubt she is going to do great things!

If you are still looking for a senior photographer for this year – I’d love for you to give me a call! There are still some openings in September, October and November. If you know Jenna she can give you a special discount. Just ask!

Be sure to check out TruYou on the website, facebook and instagram.

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