Frequently Asked Questions …

What should I wear?

I think I hear this one the most. And I want to give you advice on what to wear – but first and foremost – I want you to wear what you will feel comfortable in. I want you to wear something that shows the “True You.”

Check out the Tips/Advice page for ideas on what looks/works best in photos.

Why did you name your business TruYou Photography and Design?

I had been advised to use my name in my business. No one could be an original Mariellen Youngdahl but me. But you see … I think Mariellen Youngdahl Photography is a mouthful. I was afraid people wouldn’t find me on the internet, etc. because they wouldn’t remember how to spell my name or how to pronounce it and they would just give up! I thought it might be kinda cool to combine portions of my name and that is how I came up with TruYou – Tru is the first 3 letters of my middle name and You is the first 3 letters of my last name. And HEY – it made TRU YOU – which says an awful lot about what I want my style of photography to be. A reflection of the true you.

I saw you take a gazillion photos but there are only (insert your number here) in my gallery. What happened to the shot of me and the (insert anything here that you remember from the photo session: red chair, blue ladder, green field, wooden bench, etc.)?

I have a confession to make. I am an overshooter. I get so excited and am so thrilled to be shooting photos and loving what I do that I overshoot. However, this is a win-win for you. I go through ALL of the shots I captured and narrow it down to the best of the best. Sometimes you blinked. Sometimes there was a hair in your face. Sometimes you just looked uncomfortable. As an artist I only show my clients what I think represents my art in the truest form. Trust me – you aren’t going to appreciate any of the ones I didn’t think made the cut. You’ll already have a difficult enough time deciding what to purchase from the ones that DID make the cut.

Why do I have to pay a non-refundable retainer deposit?

A deposit upfront means you are serious and it holds your spot. This prevents you from cancelling just because your hair doesn’t look good or you didn’t lose that last 5 pounds. I only shoot a limited number of sessions a month. If you don’t show up for your session, I don’t shoot that day, and that’s bad for business and my artistic need to create. Enough said. (keep in mind that there are exceptions to this rule – bad weather, sick child, etc. – and that your deposit will transfer to your rescheduled date if this happens).

Do you have a studio? 

I shoot most of my sessions on location, 90% of the time using only natural light. I will meet you anywhere you’d like (within reason – I’m not keen on climbing a water tower or sneaking into a condemned building), and I know a ton of locations I already love to shoot at. Just ask me what will work best with your style/vision for your session and we’ll figure it out together. I prefer to photograph newborns and babies in my in-home studio in Marion (in the cold winter months especially!). I will travel to your home for a newborn session if you aren’t up to leaving the house quite yet. Just give me a call and we can chat about it.

How long have you been in business? 

I started TruYou Photography and Design in January of 2011.

What is your style of photography? 

I think I would describe my photography as crisp, soulful, dreamy and vibrant. I love a sweet closeup but I also love images that contain the a lot of background. I like my clients to have no problem seeing that they are the focus of the shot.

Why is my online gallery only up for a short period of time? What if I can’t make a decision that soon? 

Once your password-protected gallery is available for viewing online you can view it for the next few days, 24-hours-a-day if you so choose. You may also choose to send the link to family and friends so they can view those precious shots also (and place their own order if they choose to). This should give you plenty of time to make your decision and place your order. If for some reason you need more time, there is a $50 re-posting fee.

Can I post my photos on facebook/my personal blog, etc? 

Once you have placed your order I will post a few of your photos on the TruYou facebook page. I would love for you to tag yourself, comment, love and then share them! Feel free to use one as your profile picture. I also sometimes post client’s photos on my blog. As long as you do not alter them in any way you are welcome to share them online via a link back to the original source (facebook, website, blog, etc.). Your photos are the copyrighted property of TruYou Photography & Design and therefore cannot be printed, altered, copied or cropped in any way.

Do you offer cards/albums/storyboards/invitations or other products? 

Yes! I offer custom-designed cards, albums, mini accordion albums, and collages. There are a variety of styles/designs to choose from. Please contact me to hear more!

What is the best way to contact you to set up a session? 

You will get your fastest response if you email info@truyouphoto.com. You’re also welcome to call 319.377.7261 (evenings only Mon.-Thurs.), but I am frequently out on a photo shoot so it’s best to call between 7-9 pm in the spring/summer/fall months. In the winter it is best to call between 5:30-8 pm.


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