Thank You

To all of my past, current and potential clients …

Thank you.

Thank you for choosing me when there are so many wonderful and amazingly talented photographers in this area.

Thank you for showing up on time (or 10 minutes early!).

Thank you for following my advice on what to wear.

Thank you for sharing your newborn/baby/toddler/child/tween/teen/family/pet/boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend/husband/wife/or other loved one with me.

Thank you for NOT telling your kids they need to smile, be good, etc. and instead going with the flow and letting me handle things.

Thank you for telling your friends and family to contact/hire me. Nothing makes me swoon more than when I receive a referral from a happy client.

Thank you for NOT saying “you’re kidding!” when I ask you to sit a certain way, bend a certain way, look a certain way, etc.  and instead trusting in me that I know what I’m doing.

Thank you for understanding that custom photography is a luxury and thank you for putting the extra effort into hiring a custom photographer and for realizing that time is fleeting and it is important to capture the special moments of your life.

And most of all, thank you for understanding it was worth all of the effort of getting your kids and your spouse and your pets and your wardrobe and whatever else you had to get together so we could create priceless portrait art of your loved ones.

I appreciate each and every one of you!


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