Session Tips/Advice

Tips for your session …

Please visit my Pinterest board for ideas on what to wear to your session!

And if you don’t get enough inspiration there … following is some of my advice … first of all – I want you to be TRUE to yourself. Wear what you feel comfortable in and what most represents you. With that being said – I do have a few tips for you: For individuals – plan on sticking with mostly solid colors – stay away from BOLD patterns – but smaller patterns are fine – especially if they are in the same color family. Long sleeves photograph best. If in a group – plan the group’s clothing as if it is one big outfit. Everyone should coordinate – but the entire outfit shouldn’t match. So try to get everyone in the same tone/intensity … as in jewel-tones or blues and greens or gold, brown and green. Whatever you think everyone will look the best in. Sometimes it helps to go to a paint store and look at the coordinated paint chips!

Because I make jewelry in my spare time I have lots of beads at my house. I thought it might be a good idea to put some beads together in different color combinations to give you an idea of what looks good.

My #1 belief is that teal blue/green and deep purple/amethyst look good on everyone – in every season!

If those colors don’t appeal to you, I also think the best colors to wear for photos are jewel-tones – deep rich colors. Think ruby-red, sapphire blue, emerald-green, etc. See a sample of some jewel-tones in this photo …

What colors to wear - jewel tones

I know some of you are looking at the above photo right now and thinking “that just isn’t me!” – well fear not – there are lots of color combinations that you could rock a session with! See some more samples below …

Blue - What to Wear - Photo Session

Green Brown Gold - What to Wear - Photo Session

Blue Green - What to Wear - Photo Session

Black Grey Gold - What to Wear - Photo Session

Red Grey Black - What to wear photo sesion

Orange Brown Yellow What to Wear Photo Session

Green Tan Brown Colors - What to Wear - Photo Session

Golds Browns Turquoise - What to Wear - Photo Session

Keep in mind that different color combinations than the ones above will look good on babies and children. Although I would generally say to stay away from pastels – they work beautifully for the little ones. The same is true of bright colors (although neon doesn’t photograph well no matter how cute it is!). My advice is to have 2-3 outfits for the kids and we will go from there!

I supply wraps, headbands, hats, blankets, etc. for newborn sessions.

Okay – so now you have some ideas! If you are still struggling or have other questions – please contact me at and I will help you out!


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