TruBeauty Session – for a True Beauty

Every once in awhile I like to offer up a complimentary TruBeauty session. Sometimes I ask for nominations — sometimes I ask for referrals — just whatever I think is a good idea at the time.

So I posted that I wanted to offer a session and asked for nominations a few months ago. I received several replies and it was really hard to narrow it down to the most deserving! So I narrowed it down to four – and then did a drawing.

Thea was the winner and OMG – she was so much fun and her images are gorgeous!

First she started her day of pampering with hair and makeup at Inspirations Salon & Spa. Tara is my go-to for this and she does an amazing job and I love working with her!

A few shots taken at Inspirations:


And now to show off Thea’s True Beauty – enhanced a little with fancy hair, makeup and clothing!





When you come for a TruBeauty session you don’t have to know what you’re going to wear – or even bring anything extra. The dress Thea is wearing in the top image is hers. In another image – she simply has on a blank cami and I supplied the lacy piece that covers her shoulders and arms. She also wore a teal blue dress from the TruYou client closet, and some tulle that was used to soften up her arms (I LOVE tulle!). TruYou also has jewelry to match most any outfit!

I think she enjoyed the experience because that same evening she posted this on her facebook page (it moved me to tears – this is why I think EVERY woman deserves to celebrate her beauty with a session just like Thea’s):

“So a dear friend nominated me for a contest of pampering and photos and guess what? I won! I never ever believe I’m worthy of any pampering and I am 100% NOT comfortable on the other side of the lens (props to all my clients I bend, twist, and make uncomfortable during photo shoots…I get it now), but today, Mariellen Youngdahl spent an afternoon capturing photos of me after a fun hair and makeup session.

I gave her lots of grief, was so NOT confident, but on my ride home, I told myself this…my kids think I’m beautiful. My kids love me no matter my size, my shape, or how big my face or my belly is. It’s my heart and soul they love. And this is THEIR image of THEIR momma. So sure, I’ve have been smaller, thinner, and less thick in my life, but in this moment, right now, In my crazy, busy life-this is me. I’m a mommy of 3. This body has carried 3 humans. This body has fed, nurtured and cuddled her babies. This body hasn’t slept well in 13 years. This body gives to her family, her friends, her clients and her patients.

I choose to embrace it for today. Tomorrow may not come. My advice to you….make the memory. Some day, a long LOOOONG time from now, there will be souls that say “THIS is my grandma, great grandma, great-great grandma.”  Make the memory….”


If you’re interested in booking your own TruBeauty session – give me a call – 319.210.5183 or email

I also now offer TruBeauty Boudoir and you can even book a 1/2-TruBeauty/1/2-Boudoir Session if you’d like!

You deserve it. And your family loves you and wants memories of you!

Check out the TruYou Photography website for a gallery of beautiful TruBeauty images.

Be sure to also check out TruYou on facebook and instagram.

Thanks for stopping by!


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