Complimentary Prom Photos – 2020 Seniors – Marion/Cedar Rapids, IA Area

2020 Seniors – If your school cancels your prom this year because of Covid-19 — TruYou will be offering complimentary outdoor prom shoots to seniors from the local schools (Cedar Rapids/Marion area).

You can choose to be photographed individually or as a couple. This will be a mini session with you wearing your prom dress and/or tux or suit (10-15 minutes per person or couple) in an outdoor venue (to be determined). You will receive (no cost to you) two digital images (photographer’s choice) via download from the TruYou website. They will be shareable and printable. Instructions on how to do that will be available before or at the session.

These mini sessions will take place on May 10th. There may be rules about attendance, etc. based on if there is a remaining threat from Coronavirus (stay in your car until it’s your turn, keep six feet of distance between others, etc.)

Please fill out the the form below to add your name to the list! Time slots will be determined at a later date.

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