Monthly Blog Post #12 – Silver, Gold, Red or Green – Newborn, Baby, Teen, Nature Photography – Cedar Rapids/Marion, IA

It’s month twelve of our blog series.  At the beginning of 2012 I joined up with a team of online photography friends and we have all been posting one or a series of photos once a month with a different color theme. I cannot believe it is already post #12. It has been a wonderful year — I’ve met a lot of new clients (newborns, little ones, seniors & families) who have become wonderful friends and they have been keeping me really busy!

December’s theme is silver, gold, red or green. The first photo I want to share is of a sweet little newborn baby boy — who also happens to be my great-nephew. I know I am a little biased — but isn’t he beautiful? I loved using these silver snowflakes for a photo of this winter baby. Look at how precious his little face and feet are!


Another one of him using the color green … this chunky green blanket is wonderful and snuggly for newborn portraits. He is 18 days old here … so peaceful!


Next are a few photos of an adorable 9-month-old baby girl with the color red. The first one is my favorite image from her session.


You have to love the pure joy she expresses in these photos!


And of course our daughter is home from college on winter break – so I had to take her out for a session. We had around 7 inches of snow last week so I really enjoyed photographing her in our winter wonderland (although we’re lucky she didn’t lose a toe from frostbite we were out in the cold so long! – photographers are notorious for using the words “just one more”). The green and red colors (as well as the blue scarf) are gorgeous in this photo.


And lastly – a photograph I shot while out and about with my daughter. I love the gold hue I captured from the sun setting beyond this birch tree.


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This brings us to the conclusion of the 2012 blog challenge posts. I look forward to a new challenge in 2013. I’m not quite sure what it will be next year — but there will be something. If you have any ideas, please email me at

I hope each and everyone of you are enjoying this holiday season. Much peace, love and happiness to you in 2013.

Please note: All of these photos are copyrighted and may not be copied, printed or altered in any way.


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