Blog Post Challenge #5 – May 2016 – Green and/or Yellow – Marion, Cedar Rapids, IA Children’s Portraits

I guess now that it has warmed up and I’m photographing outdoors again (hallelujah!) – pretty much any portrait I take these days falls into the green category.

There is some yellow in a few of these so that covers the green and/or yellow theme for the month of May.

These sweet sisters had a great time being photographed as Enchanted Forest Princesses.


She wasn’t too sure about kissing the frog. I don’t think she believed he would turn into any kind of handsome prince! I guess we’ll never know!


Sweet sisters with their puffy tulle skirts!



The floral swing is a prop available for the specialty princess sessions and the girls love it!



I’ll probably be sharing images of some other little princesses later this month.

Thanks for stopping by!

I’m not sure if Rhiannon has posted her green/yellow-themed images yet, but feel free to check out her site here!

To see more images visit the website and/or facebook.

Next month (June) the theme will be pastels!




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