TruYou Photography has moved!

2021 has been an exciting year for TruYou Photography – and I’m thrilled to announce that I am no longer photographing in my in-home studio (it worked for many years, but it was small and had some limitations) and have moved into a beautiful location in Marion.

Since May TruYou Photography has been located at 1308 8th Avenue in a beautiful historic home. I can’t even describe how wonderful it feels to offer this incredible space to my clients.

Some of the benefits:

  • MORE space for photographing (this means more creativity with sets, specialty sessions, etc.)!
  • MORE space for props (I’m not going to lie – I love props – I have a few racks full of dresses, gowns, etc. and tons of newborn and baby props)!
  • MORE space for meeting for your in-person consult (I love the opportunity to meet with you BEFORE you book your session to discover if we are a good fit and listen to what you are looking for and explain what I can offer). I also will continue to offer pre-session phone consultations if that works better for you.
  • MORE space for your in-person ordering appointment (this has been a favorite – no more chasing my husband and dog out of the house, no more worrying about what we are cooking for dinner before you come (icky smells), no more ushering the cats downstairs, etc., etc.).
  • EASY to locate! – Just one block off the main drag in Marion.
  • A GORGEOUS Victorian home that just makes you want to hang out and breathe it all in (one of my recent little clients told her Mom she’d love to have a sleepover at the studio!).
  • TWO INCREDIBLE “house-mates” who are super sweet and have wonderful businesses at the same location – Onyx Salon and Feather Moon Healing. You may find yourself checking them out and finding out about their availability!

And so many more things I can’t even think of right now!

Pucker Street Studio – Home of TruYou Photography

In the future there may be one or two other creatives (with their own businesses) joining TruYou Photography at the studio, so I decided the studio part of the space would be named Pucker Street Studio. For a little insight on the name click here!

If you’ve read this far you will also want to know that all three of us at this beautiful historic Victorian home are planning an OPEN HOUSE for JULY 16th – from 5-7 pm.

I hope you can join us! We will all be giving tours of our spaces and answering any questions you may have.

TruYou will also be offering some incredible booking specials and a few giveaways may be offered as well!

Thanks for stopping by. Hoping to see you in July!

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