Frustrated – That’s How I Feel Sometimes!

No – I’m not frustrated with my life. I’m not frustrated that it had been raining non-stop in Iowa for I-can’t-even-count-how-many days! I’m not frustrated that after the rain finally stop the giant gnats and mosquitoes started swarming! I’m not frustrated with my inability to cook a good meal most days or even my inability to keep the weeds out of my garden. I’m not even frustrated with the mess I have in my office (although I should be!)

What frustrates me more than anything — people who don’t understand the importance of family photos. Good quality family photos. We have no idea what life is going to bring us. No idea if we will still be standing tomorrow. No idea if someone we love will be gone before we expected it.

So gosh darn it – get some family photos taken. And family means all kinds of things – Mom and Baby, Husband and Wife, Mom and Kids, etc. — You don’t even have to hire me! But you really should hire a professional. The images you create on your phone are pretty wonderful — but they aren’t good enough for the importance of documenting the love of your family.

I’m challenging you – 2019 is the year you prioritize your spending – skip an extra few restaurant meals, skip a few shopping trips, skip a few margaritas (ha!) — and spend that extra $$ on family photos. Photos that you – the MOM – are in!

And then get them printed BIG so you can hang them on your wall, walk by them every day, and think about all of the love you share.

You won’t regret it.




And just in case you don’t think I take this seriously for MY family – here are a few of us (I’m the short one!). These were taken by my very good friend Alley Tish of Marie Grace Photography. If you live in the Sigourney area – you should probably go check out her website!

Thanks for listening. I hope someone out there takes this seriously and schedules your family session soon (with ANY photographer – it doesn’t have to be me!).

Be sure to check out TruYou on the website, facebook and instagram.

Thanks for stopping by!


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