Teens + Vintage Clothing = Stylish Fun! – – Cedar Rapids, Iowa – – Czech Village Photo Shoot

Do you remember the 70’s? How about the 80’s?

I guarantee these teens don’t!

They weren’t even around in the 90’s!

But that didn’t prevent them from having a thoroughly wonderful time donning some cool vintage (and new!) clothing from Found+Formed in the Czech Village.

What a wonderful little boutique with incredibly special finds! You need to check it out – and soon! They’ve been closed up for the last few weeks but will be open again this Wednesday and there will be lots of fun clothing, hats, jewelry, and much more for you to choose from!

Check out Rylee and her incredible furry coat and beret! Adorable!

C’mon! She is simply gorgeous!



Did you see those awesome striped slacks Rylee is wearing in her image? Love these from Found+Formed. Rylee is going to have fun wearing those to all kinds of different occasions!



If you’ve ever seen me out and about you’ve probably wondered about my style. Or actually lack of style. I wore a hooded sweatshirt to this photo shoot! But don’t be deceived! Even though my personal style is basically “t-shirt/sweatshirt/jeans/leggings-casual” doesn’t mean I can’t style you!

Trust me – I will! And I’m actually great at it! And boutique owners love to help too!

Just ask Kylie. When I showed her this mustard yellow dress I didn’t know if she would be on board but she squealed “yes” and nodded vigorously! She just rocked this outfit and I’m sure she’ll wear that dress a lot!

These teens had so much fun posing like models!

What a beauty!



They were the best!


Thank you Rylee and Kylie for being so fantastic for your modeling session!

And here are a few images from our shopping trip at Found+Formed!

You need to get in there this week!

Now booking Class of 2020 Seniors and also building the TruYou Teen Team (for class of 2020 AND class of 2019). If you love the idea of extra special treatment and getting to participate in some wonderfully fun photo shoots in the next year (with the first one next month!), please fill out the contact form!

Be sure to check out TruYou on the website, facebook and instagram!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check back soon!





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