Jacob – Class of 2019 – Senior Pictures

Jake’s mom is my first cousin and it really warms my heart when family hires me for their important images. I know they can choose from many other talented photographers in the area so I truly appreciate it!

Jake is a sweet guy with a wonderfully witty sense of humor. He chose the urban/country combo session (the most popular senior session) so we started with golf images and then finished in downtown Cedar Rapids.

Take a look at some of the favorites of this handsome guy!

They ordered a metal print of this golf montage. Seniors love to have something to showcase their sports interests.


We took the next two shots on a bridge at the golf course. It was perfect!



And here are a few more casual ones taken at the park. Jake was great with his “serious” look but he also flashed a sweet grin to his mom in the second shot below!



If you choose to go with the urban/country combo session you are welcome to choose two days within the same week for your sessions and that’s what Jake did. So we did his urban session a few days later. We were worried about the rain but it held off until the very last five minutes of his session. The heat however, did not hold off.

I’m not sure how he looks so cool and calm in these next images as it was HOT!



I’m pretty sure I said something incredibly hilarious right before this second image was taken. Or I probably tripped. Yep, that’s probably it. As I’m kind of a klutz, this is a common occurrence during photo sessions. Hey – whatever it takes for a laugh or two!

We finished up the session in this alley we found while wandering around. It worked perfectly!


Senior sessions are a chance to show the “True You” and I think we accomplished that with Jake.


If you are a member of the class of 2019 and interested in more information about senior imagery by TruYou Photography & Design – – please visit the information page. There are still a few sessions open in October and November.

You can also check out TruYou on the website, facebook and instagram!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check back soon!

I’ll be showcasing some spooky Halloween styled images in October!



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