Teen BFF’s vintage, fun, and boho-styled photography shoot!

What do you get when you mix two photographer friends (who think they are REALLY funny) with two teen friends (who are clearly BFFs) + one Mom (who is willing to hold reflectors, carry lights and do almost anything as long as we keep her away from the bugs, cobwebs and anything dirty) with a fantastic eclectic out-of-this-world antique and vintage store?

A wonderful, fun, creative, photography shoot!

When I put out a model call on my Facebook page looking for tweens or teens for a creative shoot, Addie’s mom got back with me really quickly! Addie has modeled for me before and I’ve even entered an image or two of her in competition. Her mom suggested she bring her friend Hannah along and I thought that sounded like a fantastic idea! Once I met them I knew it was TRULY a fantastic idea!

They had so much fun together and they were both wonderful at taking direction, being patient while waiting for us to get our lights placed where we wanted them, figuring out what my blabbering means (it’s usually posing direction that makes sense in my head but not so much sense when I say it out loud), laughing at our jokes — because you know, my photographer friend Alley (look her up – her work is amazing!) — and I seem to think we are funny, and overall just being awesome!

Here are some images we created that day at Simply Iowa in Fairfax. If you haven’t been there – you’re in for a treat. Unique treasures galore. You just have to look everywhere and keep your eyes open!

I love every one of these images!

Thanks girls. And thanks Mom! And thanks Alley. You all rocked it!

And a special thanks to Barb for letting us use the outside of her store as a studio!


BFFs – Addison and Hannah



Loved shooting Hannah through this unique door with the stained glass window. It framed her so beautifully!



Lots of grungy interesting areas to photograph Hannah at Simply Iowa!



When Alley was photographing Addie I decided to go with another angle. Love it!






Hannah rocking the “serious” look!



Then the girls switched it up with some fun boho-styled outfits, headpieces and jewelry. I love how Alley posed them for this image!



How fun!


Then I decided it might be a good idea to “frame” Hannah again. This time with a cool open doorway and with the window of the old car!


Next we found a fence to photograph at! Simply gorgeous!




And we ended the evening with these images. These are my favorite — because she is wearing her mom’s prom dress! I have a daughter (now 25 years old!) so I totally understood how important these images were to her mom. We had to talk Addie into it — and I think her mom had to promise her dinner at HUHOT — but it was worth it!

Vintage prom dress + vintage car + vintage retouching = magic!

If you are a member of the class of 2019 and interested in more information about senior imagery by TruYou Photography & Design ā€“ ā€“ please visit the information page.

If you are Mom of a teen and you’d like a shoot of her in YOUR vintage clothing – or just a sweet session for your teen – give me a call! 319.377.7261

You can also checkout TruYou on the website, facebook and instagram!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check back soon!



2 thoughts on “Teen BFF’s vintage, fun, and boho-styled photography shoot!

  1. You are simply amazing! All of these shots are stunning! The girls had so much fun working with you and Simply Iowa had so many amazing areas to snap one of a kind photos. Incredible! Thank you, Thank you!

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