Creative Fashion Photography Session – Marion and Cedar Rapids, IA

I love my job as a photographer and I love creating works of art for my clients. Sometimes though, it’s fun to just create for the sake of creating. That’s where my muse Ali comes in! She is up for anything. If I asked her to jump off a bridge she’d probably comply (don’t worry – I won’t!)

Remember her? I scored an 86 with this image and it merited at IPC (International Print Competition). She can give quite the intense look!

So when I contacted her and told her I had kind of a wacky idea, and asked her if she would like to do some modeling for me — she said yes — within minutes!

My wacky idea? Buy some drapes, sheers, a weird wall ornament and make an outfit out of it!

She was all in!


I purchased the drapes, sheers and weird spiky wall decoration at Homegoods – one of my all-time favorite stores! She just showed up with a cute top and leggings on.

And then we created the following images. We had such a blast driving around downtown Cedar Rapids looking for fun areas to photograph.

Isn’t she amazing? I love blue – so I gave these a bluish tone.


And the following ones are golden – which is more like the original color of the “gown”.








And how beautiful is this gorgeous sun-soaked back-lit image? Wow Ali.


And then sometimes I like to go a little dark and moody. Here is a peek at what I started with (the original out-of-camera image on the left) and how I ended up (a little photoshop magic/creepiness on the right)!


I know, I know. I probably shouldn’t take such a vibrant personality and tone it down and make her look so darned sad and dark. But sometimes I just can’t help myself!

I’m now offering “create a dress” sessions as an add-on to a regular senior session. If you’re interested in something fun and different, give me a call. The cost is based on the amount spent on the materials.

If you are a member of class of 2019 and interested in more information about senior imagery by TruYou Photography & Design ā€“ ā€“ please visit the information page.

You can also check TruYou out on the website, facebook and instagram!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check back soon!




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