Photographer Shootout – Marion, IA

One of my favorite things to do is hang out with fellow photographers! I’ve made some fantastic friends through my membership in PPI (Professional Photographers of Iowa) and two of them came to Marion this spring so we could bounce ideas off each other and watch each other work.

Teri, owner of In The Now Photo and Alley, owner of Marie Grace Photography joined me on a Wednesday in April, and we had a wonderful day.

I recruited my college-aged niece Anna (she’s a senior at the University of Iowa this year) to be our model for the day. She was patient while we talked “shop”, amazing at posing and following direction, and even laughed at our jokes (and let’s be honest – most of them weren’t even funny!).

Here are a few images of Anna created by me that day. These were taken in downtown Marion and in my backyard. Isn’t she gorgeous?




And then after putting up with us for what probably seemed like an eternity to Anna, she had to head back to Iowa City (some lame excuse about studying, homework, etc.). So we spent some time taking some new images of Alley for her website.

A few of those:


These were taken in downtown Marion and also at one of the local parks. Marion offers so many amazing places for photography sessions!

Thank you for stopping by. I’m so thankful to have all three of these women in my life!

You can also visit TruYou on facebook, instagram and at the website!

Call 319-377-7261 or email for more information and to book your own session.


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