White and Blue – January Blog Challenge – Marion, IA Portrait Photography

It’s 2016 and time to shake things up a bit. Time to start another blog challenge!

One of my online photographer friends and I decided it would be better if we kept each other accountable – so thank you to Rhiannon for joining me! A link to her blog is posted below my white/blue images!

Every month there will be a new color theme. January’s is white and/or blue so I decided to call on some models and shoot with an Ice Princess/Snow Queen theme.

Thanks to Addison for being my tween model. She did an amazing job and really knows how to work the camera! I’m sure I’ll be contacting her again when I have another theme in mind.

Isn’t she adorable?








Then I had Emily and Rachel stop by for some Snow Queen shots. How beautiful are these two?

I somehow managed to talk Emily into being photographed wearing a ginormous snowflake headpiece I created (hey – I love my glue gun – what can I say?)! She was a great sport about it – but I think you can see from the image she maybe wasn’t really “feelin’ it!”  I love it anyway! And she is rocking the white tulle gown. I offered it up for her to use for prom this year but sadly she turned me down. It could be because it is basically made out of lots of loose tulle wrapped around her and tied and clipped in the back. Maybe that wouldn’t look so great on the dance floor!


Such a beauty!




And then I wrapped her sister in some tulle, a gold scarf and soft white fur and took a few shots of her too.

This is my favorite one of Rachel! How gorgeous!


Well that’s the wrap up for the blue and/or white theme. Check back the end of February to see what images are posted for the pink and/or red theme!

If you’d like to see what Rhiannon has come up with for her white/blue-themed images check our her site here!

Until next time – thanks for stopping by!






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