Newborn Photography – Marion, Cedar Rapids, IA and Surrounding Areas

Once in a while I make a decision to spend some money on something and then quickly have buyer’s remorse. I’m sure this happens to a lot of you.  Happily, sometimes the money you spend is totally worth it! One thing I’ve spent money on lately is a Newborn Photography workshop I attended in Chicago in late August.

The workshop was hosted by Elvie Diaz of Elvie Diaz Photography. She was so kind as to let a group of us anxious-to-learn photographers invade her shooting area for an entire Saturday!

This wonderful learning experience was put on by the AMAZING Amy McDaniel of Dewdrops Photography. I have admired her work for a very long time and was so excited to see her offering a workshop in Chicago (close enough to drive). I saved my pennies and I think I was the first one who signed up!

Sometimes when I spend money I clearly don’t get my money’s worth. This was NOT one of those times! I loved every minute of the workshop. I loved learning new posing and lighting techniques; I loved meeting other like-minded photographers; I loved photographing these sweet little babies and I loved watching Amy at work!

I am always striving to perfect my newborn photography and develop my own unique style and this workshop was just one more step in the right direction. When you love babies as much as I do you just know photographing them is something you have to do!

If you are on the fence about whether or not you should hire a newborn photographer please think about how fleeting those first few months are. Your baby will change so much and you will have precious memories of that fresh new life to treasure forever. There are a lot of talented photographers in this area so be sure and do your research. I always advise potential clients to look at the photographer’s portfolio first – prices second. When you find someone whose work you love – it’s smarter to hire that photographer and be thrilled with your images than to settle for someone whose quality is only so-so because you are trying to save a few dollars.

Please think of these images as an investment in your child’s emotional future and make sure to display them. Children love to see photos of themselves on their parent’s and grandparent’s walls. If you hire a photographer who only offers digital images please make sure to get some printed and displayed! A CD in a drawer isn’t going to make your children’s hearts sing.

If you follow my facebook page you’ve already seen some of these images from the workshop. All of these babies were posed by Amy. Photography and editing by me. We had some absolutely adorable babies to work with and can’t thank their parents enough!

newborn-baby-photo-6 newborn-baby-photo-1 newborn-baby-photo-7 newborn-baby-photo-4 newborn-baby-photo-5A_Workshop_baby-boy-photo_6842

If you’d like to follow the work of the other amazing photographers I met at the workshop here are the links!

Laura Tusek – Laura Tusek Photography

Kimberly Kinder – Kinder Images

Tanya Alidina Haswell – Now It’s Personal

Robbie Burns – Robbie Lynne Photography

Jamie Josephine – Souls Sisters Photography

Melissa Lee – Melissa Lee Photography

Myroslava GoodpasterCaptured by Myroslava

And don’t forget mine if you haven’t been there in awhile! Mariellen Youngdahl – TruYou Photography & Design

Until next time – have a great week everyone! I hope you are enjoying the holiday season.



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