Grungy – Class of 2014 Senior Girl – Weekly Snap #24 – Cedar Rapids, Marion, IA Unique High School Senior Photography

It’s time (actually — way overdue — as usual) for another weekly theme post and GRUNGY it is! I love photographing seniors and when they are related it is even more special. My daughter, my sister-in-law and Anna (my niece and the model for the day) jumped in the vehicle and headed out to some wonderful locations with gorgeous light.

Anna knew of a spooky/grungy abandoned area and because I love exploring new sites, we had to check it out. What a great location!


I used a different editing process for the following images. It gives them a more pastel faded look.

After several poses at the grungy location – off we went – 4 ladies – in an SUV – driving around in the countryside. And NO – we didn’t get lost (at least not that I can remember). Here are a few more of this beautiful niece of mine! I love the light in these shots!


Someone must have said something funny!


I’m not sure I could’ve taken a bad photo of her even if I had tried! She is awesome in front of the camera.


Thanks for stopping by! The theme for week #25 is “M is for?”

Have a great week everyone!

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