Water – Weekly Snap #20 – Marion, IA Nature Photography

It’s time for another 52-week challenge photo (a few weeks behind – of course). The theme this week is “Water.” Of course I envisioned some photos of kids splashing in a pool or aiming squirt guns at each other – or a baby in a tub of bubbles – but instead – my husband and I visited Pleasant Creek Park near Palo (LOVE that park!) on the 4th of July and did a little fishing (no – he didn’t catch anything – and I don’t actually fish – I just sit in a chair with my camera and a book or two!)

These geese with their little ones kept swimming by so I took a few shots. For some reason they wouldn’t align perfectly for me when they were posing so it’s a little hard to tell – but there are 5 babies there. They were so adorable!

Enjoying the Fourth of July!

Enjoying the Fourth of July!

As we were getting ready to leave I saw this gorgeous sunset and snapped a few more photos.

Beautiful Sunset!

Beautiful Sunset!

I hope everyone had a very enjoyable Fourth of July Holiday.

Until next time, enjoy your summer! The theme for the next snap is “K is for?” I think that one is going to be a tough one – so if you have any ideas – send me an email at info@truyouphoto.com.

Have a great week everyone!


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