Monthly Blog Challenge #10 – Cedar Rapids and Marion, IA Teen, Senior, Nature and Pet Photography

It’s month ten of our blog series.  I have joined up with a team of online photography friends and we have all been posting one or a series of photos once a month with a different color theme.

October’s theme is black and/or orange – seemed like a fitting theme for the month of Halloween! So of course I had plans to come up with some Halloween-themed photos. That never happened … but I did get some great seasonal shots.

Let’s start with this beautiful tree with this gorgeous autumn orange color. This photo was taken at Pleasant Creek Park. I absolutely love it there and take lots of my clients there for family photos, couple photos, kid photos, etc. It is gorgeous every season of the year!

The next photo was taken at Squaw Creek Park this Wednesday night. The weather was so warm and muggy – unusual for this time of year. Of course that’s all changing soon. Squaw Creek Park is a wonderful park for taking photos, picnicking and dog walking.

Next up … a photo of one of our cats. Yin is not much for modeling and really just wanted to continue to lounge around in her station as “queen” of the house. My plans to get a photo of her jumping out of a pumpkin were a little ambitious – but a chirping bird outside did make her sit up and take notice and that’s when I snapped this shot.  I love pet photography – but you really have to go with the flow with cats – they like to be in charge of their own modeling careers.

And of course I rarely let a month go by without forcing my daughter to pose for me. She was home from college for the weekend – but it was a REALLY cold day – so we didn’t get to take too many shots. But I loved how this one turned out.

This last photo is a shot of a 2013 senior – who just happens to be my handsome nephew. His mom likes to call his hair “auburn” – but I think when you look at it you will agree I can use it in this orange challenge. He was a typical guy when it comes to his senior photos – probably didn’t care much about having them taken – but knows it’s important to MOM – so was super cooperative for me – and I think he had a lot of fun too! This photo is a serious one – but we got a lot of wonderful smiles too (mostly because I used his mom as the punch line in some of my jokes – sorry Jane!)


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Stop by November 26th for our next blog challenge post featuring brown and gold!

Please note: All of these photos are copyrighted and may not be copied, printed or altered in any way.

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