Monthly Blog Challenge #9 – Cedar Rapids, Marion, Eastern Iowa Portrait Photography

It’s month nine of our blog series.  I have joined up with a team of online photography friends and we will all be posting one or a series of photos once a month with a different color theme.

September’s theme is black and white – either black and/or white as the main focus of the photo OR black and white photos.  

I love to process my photos in black and white so I knew this was going to be easy for me.

First up is a young man who is a friend of our family. I have been trying to get him to pose for me for over three years. He finally gave in! I thought this serious look needed some black and white processing.

Don’t worry … he smiles too. See below.

Next up is this little guy who just turned two. I’ve photographed him several times over the past year and I just love my repeat clients. Isn’t he just the cutest?

And then last – a photo of our very white cat. She doesn’t like to pose for photos – but she DOES like treats. So she was willing to pose for a few if I was willing to give up a few treats! Her name  is Yang. She has a sister who is all black named Yin and it would’ve been cool to get a photo of both of them together for black and white month – but that is next-to-impossible with two cats who each have very shall-we-say “independent” personalities? She’ll probably be featured next month when the colors are black and orange. I wonder if I can get her to jump out of a pumpkin for me. Hmmmm……..

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Stop by October 26th for our next blog challenge post featuring black and orange!

Please note: All of these photos are copyrighted and may not be copied, printed or altered in any way.

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