2012 Monthly Blog Post Challenge – May – Blue/Yellow – Cedar Rapids/Marion, IA Children, Pet Photography

It’s month five of our blog series.  I have joined up with a team of online photography friends and we will all be posting one or a series of photos once a month with a different color theme.

May’s theme is blue and/or yellow.  First – I’ll start with some photos of two adorable sisters I photographed a few weeks ago. They were so cute and had the most gorgeous blue eyes and flyaway blonde hair …



And last, but not least,  a cute little dog named Maddie …

I’d love it if you would leave a comment or two on these photos. And if you haven’t already signed up to receive email updates every time I update — you’re missing out — so sign up!

And I’d also appreciate it if you would continue clicking on the links of the photographers in the circle, starting with Patricia Wade. Feel free to leave comments on their pages also – we all love the feedback. Check Patricia’s blog for a link to the next photographer. Keep clicking and you will eventually end up back here!

Stop by June 26th for our next blog challenge post featuring pastel colors!

Please note: All of these photos are copyrighted and may not be copied, printed or altered in any way.

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