2012 Monthly Blog Challenge – February – Pink/Red

It’s month two of our monthly blog series.  I have joined up with a team of online photography friends and we will all be posting one or a series of photos once a month with a different color theme.

February’s theme is pink and/or red. If you saw my January challenge post you will remember I thought it would be a good idea to use my cat as a model. She didn’t much care for it – and she let me know. I decided to wait until October to use a cat model again (that month the color theme will be black and/or orange – and the white cat I used as a model in January has a sister who is all black!)

So this month I decided to ask my daughter if she would model for me. She said yes – but there was a catch – she doesn’t wear pink! I guess this is probably my fault – I pretty much dressed her in head-to-toe pink her entire first 5 years of life (she did get mistaken for a boy once when she was an infant – and even though I corrected the lady – she still said “well, she looks like a boy.”) – So what would YOU do? I’m guessing you’d use a lot of pink too!

Anyway – we opted to go RED and leave out the pink. Here are the results …


I’d love it if you would leave a comment or two on these photos. And if you haven’t already signed up to receive email updates every time I update — you’re missing out — so sign up!

And I’d REALLY LOVE IT if you would continue clicking on the links of the photographers in the circle, starting with Patricia Wade and leaving comments on their pages also. Check her blog for a link to the next photographer. Keep clicking and you will eventually end up back here! Stop by March 26th for our next blog challenge post featuring green and/or yellow/gold!


9 thoughts on “2012 Monthly Blog Challenge – February – Pink/Red

  1. That lady was rude to reply with she looks like a boy. As for the pic it’s beautiful and flawless as is your daughter.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Right now pink is a favorite color at our house, but I can imagine as the years go by she will also decide that red is definately better than pink.

  3. So beautiful! If you ever want someone to model pink, I think I know someone who would be willing to put on her favorite color! :0)

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