2012 Monthly Blog Challenge – January – Blue/White

I am super excited about 2012 and all of the challenges it will bring.  One such challenge — I have joined up with a team of online photography friends and we will all be posting one or a series of photos once a month with a different color theme.

January’s theme is blue and/or white. I had planned to take some gorgeous landscape snow shots. But when we FINALLY got some snow, it was that cold bitter icy kind, and I’ll admit it — I was too big of a wimp to venture out!

So I thought a better idea was to get my white cat to pose for me. She wasn’t feelin’ it. I tried to get her to wear a blue fur boa but she pretty much dismissed that idea. Let me just say (and you may have already figured this out) – CATS DO NOT MAKE GOOD MODELS! In spite of her dislike for her new modeling gig I did manage to get a few good ones. You can see one on my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/TruYouPhoto.  

And here is another one: (I know – she doesn’t look too happy – but she IS blue and white!)

After the cat-modeling fiasco I felt that wasn’t quite enough blue for the month so I managed to talk this beautiful young lady into posing for me. She didn’t think the scarf was going to be very cool, but she humored me and let me style her anyway. I love it! And the fur hood makes a great outdoor snow picture (yes we ventured out for about 5 minutes – I got snow in my shoes because I wasn’t smart enough to put my boots on – there was no TIME! – we were losing the LIGHT – and then my socks were all WET and COLD  – WAH! – the things we photographers will do for a good shot!) It was SO WORTH IT for the beautiful shots I captured!

I’d love it if you would leave a comment or two on these photos. And if you haven’t already signed up to receive email updates every time I update, you’re missing out!

And I’d REALLY LOVE IT if you would continue clicking on the links of the photographers in the circle, starting with Natalie Simmons Smith and leaving comments on their pages also. Check her blog for a link to the next photographer. Keep clicking and you will eventually end up back here!

Stop by February 26th for our next blog challenge post featuring pink and red!

8 thoughts on “2012 Monthly Blog Challenge – January – Blue/White

  1. Mariellen, they are wonderful! Even if you’re not into the cat photo, it turned out great! Especially since cats can be so…..should we say…… un-(purrrr)-dictable. I do like the blue scarf to, it REALLY brings out her blue eyes and it’s creative!

  2. The cat photo totally cracks me up because you can see just how annoyed she is…<3 it!!

    The other two shots are simply gorgeous. Wonderful work! But the fur hood is my favorite. I wish my kid had one lol then again I wish we had snow and temps out of the 60s and 70s so I could get pics like that!

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