Lunch Hour Snaps – #11

First real snowfall this winter. This is a snap of Boo standing by the back door, refusing to go out. I’m pretty sure he is thinking “Why do you keep saying ‘Outside’? I do not think I need to go out in that stuff! It’s cold and wet and I might get lost in it! I know if I stand here long enough with a pathetic look on my face you’re gonna give up and let me back in the warm cozy house!”

“And hey! Now that I think about it … why don’t those stupid cats ever have to go outside?”

One thought on “Lunch Hour Snaps – #11

  1. Buster kind of thought the same thing. Finally tonight there were enough areas cleared of snow that we went for a short walk to the end of the court and back. My neighbor used his 4-wheeler to plow the driveway and a grassy square in the front lawn for Buster’s private use! It was a good day to stay home.

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